Tip Top's extensive product line of easy-to-use nail care treatments have been carefully formulated with the most effective ingredients to solve the most pressing nail-care problems.




Anti-fungal Apply and Rectify. Stops Fungus! Anti-microbial! Eliminates Most Fungus and Bacteria. Kills Athlete’s Foot. Effective in two easy steps. An effective antifungal treatment available without a prescription! It eliminates the fungus and bacteria that can lead to nail infections. The active antifungal ingredient, Manuka Oil is a natural oil.

Easy drop-on formula absorbs quickly to inhibit the growth and reproduction of fungal cells. Maximum strength! There is no need to remove polish. Apply the anti-fungal drops followed by the anti-fungal Oil morning and night until the condition clears. Continue use for a further 3 months to ensure the fungus is truly gone.
Active Ingredient: Manuka Oil.