Nail Treatments


Tip Top's extensive product line of easy-to-use nail care treatments have been carefully formulated with the most effective ingredients to solve the most pressing nail-care problems. 






This formaldehyde, toluene, dibutylphthalate free nail strengthener hydrates and nourishes the nail. A vitamin enriched product enhances moisturisation of the nail plate and improves the condition of the nail surface.


This is a sophisticated formula, aiding in strength and flexibility – all while giving the nail a natural blushed appearance. It's anti-aging, stimulating and regenerating properties are essential for nail growth.


An effective nail enamel that allows the nail to grow healthy and longer while being hardened.



Anti-fungal Apply and Rectify. Stops Fungus! Anti-microbial! Eliminates Most Fungus and Bacteria. Kills Athlete’s Foot. Effective in two easy steps. An effective antifungal treatment available without a prescription! It eliminates the fungus and bacteria that can lead to nail infections. The active antifungal ingredient, Manuka Oil is a natural oil.


Easy drop-on formula absorbs quickly to inhibit the growth and reproduction of fungal cells. Maximum strength! There is no need to remove polish. Apply the anti-fungal drops followed by the anti-fungal Oil morning and night until the condition clears. Continue use for a further 3 months to ensure the fungus is truly gone.
Active Ingredient: Manuka Oil.




Tip Top's Cuticle Treatment offers a super-rich formula which accommodates the nails needs and protects them from external conditions. Tip Top Cuticle Treatment is a natural blend of oils with the added benefit of vitamin E that acts as a powerful anti-oxidant to repair damaged, dry and problem skin areas.


It emulates the natural sebum in the epidermis to repair and restore skin. Our exclusive recipe provides regeneration of rough, parched and ragged cuticles by protecting against moisture loss and creating a protective barrier to nourish and deeply hydrate.


The special formula will reduce dried out, damaged nails, especially after increased contact with water, detergents, nail polish and nail polish removers.




Tip Top carefully selected French Manicure shades have been formulated to compliment one another, resulting in the perfect "salon finish" French Manicure.




All you need for beautiful nails. 1) Smoothing Base Coat 2) Strengthener 3) Growth Activator 4) Nail Colour in One. Improve the future of your nails! Advanced technology and high performance ingredients are combined to deliver the benefits of four treatments in one revolutionary formula to help rebuild nails from foundation to surface!


A unique blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro and natural ingredients that enhance keratinization, creating a cushion that protects nails. Especially effective for anyone who wants to keep nails pliable and flexible.


Proven Results: -Dramatically stronger, healthy nails.Visibly longer, smoother nails -Incredibly shiny, protected manicure - Pure Colour for French Manicures or polished nails.




This is a harmless formulation with a distinct bitter taste. It can be used alone or over colour. It will assist in stopping you putting your fingers into your mouth and biting your nails.


Recommended for children over 5 years of age who suck their thumbs or bite their nails.



Apply a layer everyday and remove on the seventh day with Tip Top Nail Enamel Eraser.




Our classic and trusted nail enamel eraser and formula which rapidly removes nail enamel, has recently been updated to include the caring ingredient of Olive Oil and Vitamin E.




Quick Dry Final Phase dries nail polish in a few seconds. It enhances nail colour and gives a brilliant sheen.
Manicure time-saver. After the final coat of nail colour, wait one minute then brush a thin coat of QUICK DRY FINAL PHASE over the entire nail surface.


It dries polish in a few seconds and gives a brilliant sheen. Can also be applied after a few days to brighten up your manicure.




Help rebuild the nail from foundation to nail surface with Toughen up Maxi Growth Base Coat for Weak / Post-Acrylic / Damaged Nails, an intensive strengthener that returns thin nails to a healthy condition, using key ingredients.


Use in conjunction with the Tip Top Toughen Up Maxi Growth Top Coat.




This is a formaldehyde free formula which strengthens nails with amino acids and sulphur bonds. The active ingredients help restore normality to weak, fragile, damaged and post acrylic nails.


Use in conjunction with the Tip Top Toughen Up Maxi Growth Base Coat and Tip Top Cuticle Treatment.